At the age of 12, a young kid from Connecticut sat in his room with nothing but the album Paid In Full on repeat. The love he felt for the music led him down the path of working countless hours doing chores and odd jobs around the neighborhood for just enough money to buy one belt-drive Numark turn table. Practicing with his parents Motown vinyl records that had been lying around, his passion for Deejaying began to grow. At 13, Jon Wienner earned enough to purchase a second turntable and an old Vestax mixer that could barely cut from side to side. Weekend days would be spent venturing into Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan to dig through crates at A1, Fatbeats, and Rock & Soul records. Moving into high school, he jumped at any and every opportunity to spin at local parties and events in his community, including his work on 91.7 WBSL. The rush and joy he received from making people dance and move was overwhelmingly satisfying, fueling endless hours of diligent work to develop an original sound and craft. After finishing high school, he moved into New York City to attend Sarah Lawrence College. Keeping a promise to his parents, his focus remained on academics: but his heart was in Deejaying and music. After wrapping up freshman year, Jon began to spin at clubs beginning in March. Despite playing at impressive venues at such a young age, Jon became even more entranced on becoming the artist he passionately sought to be. Unfortunately, the massive task of a DJ succeeding as an artist in a world of dumb-down music and depleted nightlife became an apparent reality. One night at one of his residencies, Jon and his manager Jacob found themselves in a quarrel that had become a typical reoccurrence throughout his early career. The two up and comers spent the summer witnessing deceptive politics in nightlife and hollowed music scene perpetuated by many of the DJs in the industry. Arguing about how realities should be, the two came to a conclusion that it was time to terminate the trend. Their vision for how the world should be culminated into a philosophy represented through the entity of Theory. DJ Theory was born, embodying an ideology genuine talent and art that Jon takes on the task of living out each day. As a sophomore, Jon transferred to the prestigious Gallatin school at New York University; focusing on Deejaying, music production, and music history. Now as an up and coming DJ, Jon’s dream is steadily becoming a reality. At just 20 years old, he has been blessed to have spun at some of New York City’s biggest venues: 1Oak, GoldBar, The Rivington Hotel, Greenhouse, Tenjune, Hudson Terrace, and Butter- just to name a few. As one of the most talented young DJs in the country, DJ Theory combines innate ability with finely sharpened craft that is instantly tangible upon walking into a room. His dream is more than just becoming the best DJ on the planet. Theory’s dream is to transcend the boundaries of what a DJ can achieve while retaining a vision of what a true artist needs to be. Making theories into reality.